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Research & Publications

Association for the Study of Ginans (ASG) has a dynamic Research and Publication Department under the leadership of Chairman Shiraz Pradhan.  In keeping with the objectives of the ASG, it has a multi-pronged approach to Ginan Research and Publication.  Currently it has several volunteer Research Associates many of whom are Ginan enthusiasts and others are graduates in Education and Islamic Studies with knowledge of Persian, Urdu, Gujrati and Hindi as well Khojki. Most of these are engaged in Applied Research, focusing on the analysis of Ginans, their vocabulary and the study of the life of the Pirs and Sayyeds who composed them. Others are engaged in field-research in Pakistan and India, focussing on manuscript search, as well recording of Oral-History. Research Department has several Ginan Scholars as advisors. 

The activities of the Research and Publication Department are well synchronized to feed the results of research to Publication Section for publication of the Annual Proceedings and research papers and to sister Departments of Academic which translates these into Academic Lectures under the title of Ginan Explorations.

Research Department also endeavours to host renowned scholars for ASG webinar which have become well-renowned for their scholastic and intellectual content.

Figure below shows the intermeshing functions of various Departments 

Screenshot 2021-11-27 at 12.36.34 PM.png

Our Members have several polished papers and articles. 


Papers Coming Soon!

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